School Policies

School Policies

Macdonald Driving Academy

Academy Policies

∗ Fees: $90.00 per hour (each driving lesson will have a minimum of 55 minutes practice time)

  • Additional pricing packages are as announced on our website and are all payable within 24 hours of booking to secure the appointments.
  • Car rental without the lesson is a fee of $100.00.

∗ All lessons are one-on-one lessons. However, there can be a maximum of 3 people (1 observing) in the vehicle during the student’s lesson time.

∗ Students must give the school a minimum of 24 hours notice if cancelling a lesson to avoid being charged 50% of the fees. No Show will lead to full charge.

∗ Student should carry his/her valid BC driver’s license during the lesson (Class 7L, Class 7, LDL, Class 5). If the license is not valid or not available, the lesson will be considered cancelled with full charge.

∗ We do not offer refund for lessons already completed. If you have prepaid for a package and you wish to discontinue training, all completed lessons will be rated at full rate and you will be refunded the remaining of the package price.

∗ All packages expire after 180 days from the date of purchase. Expired packages are non-refundable

∗ Prices and policies can be changed without a prior notice.

∗ Payment is required within 24 hours of booking to avoid cancellation.


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